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About Us

Who We Are

New Golden Gate (1991) Co., Ltd is a family owned business specializing in Exporting and Importing of Agriculture Goods.

What We Do

We do cleaning, grading and sorting according to our customer’s requirements.

Why Choose Us

Over 20 years + experiences , well trained staffs and with up to date beans processing equipment.

About New Golden Gate (1991)

New Golden Gate (1991) Co., Ltd is a family owned business specializing in Exporting and Importing of Agriculture Goods. Our family business has started in 1968 under the name, “Khit Thit Wholesaler”, distributing agriculture goods locally in Yangon. Now, we have customer across worldwide, including China, Japan, European Union, United States, Australia, India, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, Philippine, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Our four factories are equipped with gravity tables, sizing tables, color sorting machines, magnetic de-stoner machines, and bean splitting machines, to provide best qualities beans to our customers. With the continuous technology advancement in the field of agriculture processing machines, we allocate a considerable amount of investment in machines each year to obtain better quality products.

Our company has connection with beans, pluses, onion, sesame, and chili peppers growers/ collectors across Myanmar. We provide value added services to the crops, delivering best quality, within specs products to our customers.

Our Factories

Our four bean processing factories are located in Hlaing Thar Yar and Shwe Pyi Thar industrial zones. Each of the factories are equipped with cleansing machines, gravity tables, sizing tables, polishing machines, stones removing machines, and color/optical sorters. In addition to bean processing, we have sesame roasting ovens for producing sesame roasted powders.

Factory Certificates

Our factory is awarded with ISO 2001,HACCP and BRCS for our quality management system. Our team have the management capability and experience to deliver consistent quality of products that meet customers’ expectation and regulatory requirements.

Food Safety Policy Statement

New Golden Gate (1991) Co., Ltd is a bean processing and exporting company. We put great importance on safety and quality of the beans throughout the supply chain, which start from farmers producing the beans with safety and quality in mind and our collectors handling the beans with care to send to our company. Personnel in our company, led my top management, understand and recognize the importance of food safety in our beans. We will put greatest effort in producing safe products by utilizing our food safety knowledge during receiving and handling of raw materials, storage, processing, and exporting.

Our company is committed to control and monitor all key processing steps with due diligence to produce safe, quality final product.

Our company will comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements and shall also satisfy the customer requirements that are relevant to food safety.

Our company is committed to produce and export authentic products that matches the product description/specification agreed between our company and the customers by applying food defence and food fraud mitigation plan.

Our company shall ensure the best practices by establishing a GFSI-recognized Food Safety Management System (FSSC 22000 V 5.1). To achieve our goal, we shall:

  • Perform regular identification of Hazards, determination of critical control points, and timely implementation of effective control and monitoring measures.
  • Communicate, implement and maintain this policy at all level of the company.
  • Provide our personnel with adequate food safety information, training, instructions, tools and equipment to carry their job in a hygienic manner.
  • Promoting continual improvement for personal hygiene and cleanliness to our staff, contractors, suppliers and visitors
  • Define food safety objectives and continually review to ensure consistent compliance
  • Supporting the manager to develop the leadership skill in our organization.
  • Giving the food safety training regularly and ensuring the competency of employee by evaluating the understanding after training.