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Black Matpe 乌力(黑豆)

Black Matpe is widely consumed in India and Pakistan where it is boiled and eaten whole, make into dosa batter, and cooked into dal. Black Matpe is also used for sprouting in Japan. We provide two qualities of Black Matpe:

  • Special Quality (SQ)
  • Fair Average Quality (FAQ)

Black Eyed Beans 百米豆

Black Eyed Beans, also known as cow pea, have soft and tender texture after they are boiled or baked. Our company provide following products for Black Eyed Beans:

  • California Black Eyed Bean Variety (with black color eye)
  • Brown Eyed Bean Variety (with red color eye)
  • Black Eyed Beans Half-Split

Red Kidney Beans 红芸豆

Red Kidney Beans are very healthy beans used in soups, cold bean salad, and chili. Qualities of Red Kidney Beans we offer:

  • Red Kidney Bean hand-polished and hand picked
  • Red Kidney Bean raw quality

Bamboo Beans 竹豆

Bamboo bean, also known as Peyin in Myanmar, is not very well-known to people, but they are used in Filipino cooking. ​Types of Bamboo Beans our company offer:

  • Bamboo Beans (Green Color)
  • Red Bamboo Beans

Butter Beans 黄油豆

Butter Beans, also called baby lima beans, are used in Japanese bean paste and are also eaten baked or cooked. Butter Beans Products we Offer:

  • Butter Bean (Hand-Picked Quality)
  • Butter Bean (Gravity and Color Sorted)
  • Butter Bean Half-Split (De-Shell, Half-Split, and Color Sorted)

Black Eyed Bean Half-Split 白米豆仁

Black eyed beans half-split is available for both black eye variety and red eye variety.

Chick Pea 鸡豆

Chickpeas are eaten around the world, especially in India and Middle East where it is a staple, South Asian countries, Mediterranean, Southern Europe, South America, and Northern Africa. Chickpea seeds are high in protein and they can be used in many food application such as hummus, dal, chickpea tofu, fried chickpeas, chickpea snacks, and many more. Types of Chickpeas our company provide:

  • Desi and Kabuli

Sultani 红豆

Sultani beans should not be confused with other red beans like Adzuki Beans, nevertheless they are make into bean paste in bread and cakes. We can provide gravity cleaned, machine polished, and color sorted Sultani beans or services can be customized by our customer.

Brown Beans/ Southern Peas 棕豆

Brown Beans, also known as Southern Peas in United States, are also a type of cow pea. After boiling the beans, they can be made into creamy soup or can be added to salad. We can provide gravity cleaned and color sorted brown beans for our customer.